In any age or in any country, people living there (people) live aiming for a better tomorrow."Values that aim for a better tomorrow" is universal.We, P · D · Global, are doing business activities for the better tomorrow of the people around the world by placing a means of trade + exchange on the skills of marketing research that we have cultivated over many years.
It became independent from Primitive Drive Co., Ltd. in 2016.PD is a company specializing in marketing and research for all matters related to daily life in Fukuoka, Japan.BtoB, BtoC, in any case the end user is a consumer.While seeking values unique to each country or region, we will work on overseas expansion with the idea of market in.Best regard. Tokunaga Makiko

Company Profile

   company name P.D.Global co.,Ltd.
   Date of establishment July 2016
   Business contents Marketing research related to East Asian countries in general
   CEO Tokunaga Makiko
   head office Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Daimyo 2-8-18 7F